Brainstorm, Create, and Reshape your Content
HatchedbyAI is an all-in-one platform for seamless idea generation, copy creation, and content transformation across all digital formats.
Turn Hours of Work into Minutes
Whether you need engaging website copy, captivating blog posts, or attention-grabbing social media content, our tool has you covered.
Safety is our priority
No data is tracked or saved on our end; we do not use your data to teach the GPT model, all confidential information is safe.
Fully optimized prompts
Our prompt engineers consistently improve the GPT models based on our 30+ years of marketing know-how.
All-in-one platform
From brainstorming ideas to creating social media posts, blog posts, and many more.
What it can do
Summarize long-form content, meetings, and conferences into bullet points, paragraphs, or tables
Website Copy
Create SEO optimized website copy for your homepage, services, or about us pages
Leverage the strongest DALLĀ·E 3 AI model to create realistic images and art
Taglines & Headlines
Create eye-catching taglines and headlines to increase click-through rates
Generate new emails or use previous communication to easily reply to any email
Audio to Text
Transform any mp3 file into text; no more rewriting, let AI do the work for you
From raw idea to full-fletched content
How it works?
No Data Retention Beyond 30 Days
According to OpenAI's terms and conditions, any data sent via the API is stored for a limited period of 30 days and is not used to train future versions of their models. This helps in maintaining data integrity and minimizes long-term security risks.
Secure API Transactions Between Servers
OpenAI API calls are generally performed over HTTPS, ensuring the data is encrypted during transit. This is in line with industry best practices for securing data as it moves between servers and end-users.
Data Protection Compliance
OpenAI is committed to complying with data protection regulations, like GDPR. This ensures the use of ChatGPT is in line with data protection and privacy laws.
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